Nail Company

You are a small business, say a nail salon, looking to advertise locally within a small niche using Facebook PCP ads.

Offer based 1-week ad campaign to increase ROI for advertising. We want to get you more leads and have a noticeable increase in customers coming to your location.

Sample Facebook Ad

– Targeting people within 25 miles of your store, with interests in beauty and nail art, as well as other targeted interests. No more targeting people at random and hoping for a lead.
– Using Facebook we will create an ad campaign that features your 15%, 20%, 30% offer that will draw potential clients to a landing page.
– Using just an email prompt we will hook customers and allow them to immediately receive the % offer that they can redeem at your store within the next week.
– We will create an email list that can be used for future ad campaigns, to draw in repeating and lifetime customers.

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